Cha started her musical journey as a keyboardist for a ska band called Earthlings back in 2005. With guidance by industry veterans, Bing Austria and Skarlet Brown of Put3ska (known for their cult classic single, “Manila Girl”), Cha and the Earthlings established their name by playing both live and on-air sets for some of the most respected productions in the local ska scene.

After three years of playing a mix of two-tone and 3rd wave ska music, Cha’s desire to explore the unrestricted nature of electronic progressed. It led her to form a new group called, FilterFilter—an electropop/ethereal wave band in which she became lead vocals/synth textures of.  The band amassed a following for their original compositions, which Cha wrote the songs for, and covering bands like PNAU, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Ladyhawke, and Chewlips. They became household names in local productions such as Meiday Meiday, Synthicide, Tubby Trousers, Dark Matter, 4AD and Strangeometry.

Following FilterFilter’s split in 2010, Cha started to play DJ sets at the culture cave, Today x Future, which paved the way to further her musical growth. Her style and technique come out as natural and instinctive, akin to when she performs live.

Coming out after a full year hiatus, she is now back as Filtercha. With an ever-growing and diverse taste, her selections from nu disco to electro and techno,  her main goal is to create and curate music that people would get lost in—stripped to their raw, unfiltered selves.